Yard Cards



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Surprise your family and friends on their special day, or announce an exciting event to the neighborhood using these large and colorful letters and cute characters right in the front yard! The grass really is greener on any side with these fun and humorous greetings and announcements staked in the yard. Announce a birthday, a party, a graduation, a new birth, or spell out anything you want! Comes in “Happy Stinkin’ Birthday,” “Holy Cow S/He’s…,” “Happy Birthday” with Flamingos or Smiley Faces, “The Party’s Here,” “Let’s Celebrate,” “Look Who’s Over the Hill” with Insult Faces or Humorous Headstones, “It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl” with Storks, “S/He Made it!” with Capped Smileys, or say anything you want by customizing statements. What a great way to say anything.

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